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Joropo Jam

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Joropo Jam

This small representation composed of a large contingent of young musicians who currently take part of the urban music circuit is born in the capital of Venezuela in 2010. The guest musicians, only asking where the “thing” was, attended to the meeting and, thanks to that, now you and I can enjoy the wonderful music of this collective experience. The only rule of Joropo Jam is to play joropo without (at least in this chapter) any claim to set patterns, impose tendencies, tastes or talk about innovation or modernisation…

images by Félix Rios | @lybero

… the only rule is to play JOROPO!


images form the Europe tour 2017
Concert in stockolm


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joropo jam




Tipico ma non troppo

Leo Rondón, cuatro | Manuel Alejadro Rangel, maracas | Edwin Arellano, electric bass | Fernando Alvarez, oboe - bandola

Recorded in 2018 | production: Manuel Rangel | arrangements: Leo Rondón | mixing & editing: Vladimir Quintero

01. Variaciones sobre el Gavilán | Joropo Llanero

05. Entrevera’o Oriental | Joropo Oriental

08. Madrid | Joropo Llanero – Bulería

09. Y aún así típico | Entrvera’o | Joropo Llanero

in crescendo

First Joropo Jam edition

Eduar Betacourt, arpa llanera | Edwin Arellano, electric bass | Héctor Molina, cuatro | Manuel Alejandro Rangel, maracas | Jorge Torres, mandolina | Euro Zambrano, batería

Production and music director: Edwin Arellano | recording: Sonotoca Estudio | mixing: Tomás Cardona | mastering: Jesús Jiménez

02. Camaguan | Pasaje

05. Camino de Esmeralda a la Cuesta | Joropo

08. El Preñaito | Joropo

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